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Mutual Fund Wrap Program: UBS PACE
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How do you find mutual funds that are suitable for you and can work in combination to pursue your goals? It's not an easy task, since there are more mutual funds available than there are companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This is why UBS offers PACE (Personalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation), a fee-based, nondiscretionary mutual fund advisory program utilizing a disciplined approach to selecting and building a diversified portfolio of mutual funds. Here's how PACE works:
  • Your UBS Financial Advisor will create an investor profile that contains information about your investing goals, time frames, and comfort level with risk.
  • You'll receive a PACE proposal that includes personalized asset allocation designed according to your needs
  • You and your Financial Advisor will select from a list of well-known mutual funds that have been screened by UBS
  • Your choices will include the full spectrum of asset classes and investing styles, giving you and your Financial Advisor more potential opportunities to promote stability for your portfolio and reduce volatility
  • You may choose PACE Multi Advisor (a broad range of no-load or load-waved mutual funds at net asset value) or PACE Select Advisors (a refined list of leading no-load funds brought to you by UBS Global Asset Management)
UBS Research: Always Working for You
Since the world of mutual funds is complex and always changing, UBS employs researchers who constantly monitor the world's economies looking for changes that can affect your portfolio. At the same time, they conduct due diligence on mutual fund companies to present only those that have satisfied their stringent requirements.
  • Your mutual funds will be continually monitored by UBS research professionals, who examine the performance, adherence to objectives and style, organizational depth, stability, and more
  • You and your UBS Financial Advisor will benefit by having the full, global research capabilities of UBS behind you when making decisions and selections.
  • Ongoing Review
    You'll receive monthly statements, informative quarterly reports, and if you choose, rebalancing to help maintain your target asset allocation
  • Your Financial Advisor can help you fine tune your asset allocation and decide if your mutual funds are still performing according to your expectations
UBS PACE Means Personalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation
Get started: Contact a UBS Financial Advisor to complete a PACE investor profile questionnaire.

For more complete information about any of the mutual funds available through the PACE programs, including investment objectives, investment risks, and all charges and expenses, contact a Financial Advisor for a free prospectus. The prospectus contains this and other important information that you should consider. Please read the prospectus, the PACE Disclosure Brochure (Form ADV) and the PACE Investment Advisory Agreement carefully before you invest or send money. Investment return and principal value will vary so you may have a gain or loss when you sell shares.

PACE is a service mark of UBS Financial Service Inc.
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